Agent Reviews of work for RCR
Barbara Petrof, Agent:
I am so happy to be a part of RCR Properties, after having been with a large, well known brokerage. What I like most about the broker, Rollyn, and her team is their knowledge, availability and enthusiasm! They all provide very helpful and useful information that is pertinent to succeed in the real estate business. Kathy, our recruiter and mentor, is a very hands-on, energetic and motivating person who is very helpful to everyone she works with. June is a fantastic office manager, always there to greet you with a smile! Rollyn and her team are so welcoming and I feel right at home with the RCR family! I have learned so much from Rollyn’s training! I am excited for this opportunity to be part of RCR and I look forward to growing my business!

Dave Orchard, Agent:
I have been an agent with RCR Properties, Inc. since early June of this year.
I joined RCR for multiple reasons. First, I wanted to be under the direct tutelage of a highly experienced and readily available broker. Second, I wanted to be in a brokerage that opened doors for me in both urban and rural areas of this region. And finally, I knew that I would thrive within a relatively small and close-knit group of expert realtors, more so than in a lager firm.
I have remained with RCR because our broker and associates have consistently fulfilled my above-stated desire and have positioned me for a successful future.

Kathy Carlisle, Agent / Mentor/ Trainer:
I met Rollyn in 2016 and immediately wanted to work with her! The opportunity finally presented itself in 2019, and I am so glad that it finally happened! Rollyn is truly an amazing person, inside and out, who loves helping her agents be the best they can be. I have learned so much since coming on board (and I am not a newbie). As a broker, Rollyn is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, caring and she knows Real Estate like the back of her hand. She wants all her agents to be as successful as she is and is always available for her agents. She treats her agents fairly, and does not play favoritism. Truly amazing, good work ethics, fun and lots and lots of experience is what you will get working or RCR Properties. In my opinion no broker can match Rollyn, and that is why I work for RCR Properties.

Ed De La Garza, Agent:
I’ve been with RCR Properties as an agent over 16 years. Rollyn Yost is an excellent broker and trainer and very knowledgeable of the real estate market. She is flexible with part-timers like myself (as long as I remain active with selling and able to do closings on a regular basis). This is what drove me to her agency and why I’m still with Rollyn.
Overall, Rollyn is special, always available and an expert in our markets….that’s what sets her apart from other agencies!

Deborah Hays, Agent:
I have been dear friends with Rollyn for many years. We met as salesgirls for a high-end
department store when we were teenagers. The top salesgirls for the store of course! As one might
expect we have been through many events in our life. In a trying time in my life Rollyn suggested
I get in real estate. I did, and that was approximately 20 years ago! Rollyn is generally available
for a call or will call you back shortly, and most of the time she has the answer to your question or
certainly will find the answer! She is an experienced broker who can help you build your real
estate business.

Jim Bell, Agent:
I have been with Rollyn and RCR Properties since March 2017. It’s very close to where I live and
very easy to access the office when I need. Rollyn is very accessible and available with anything
I need. I’m very happy working there and this past year has been very difficult for me due o some
family health issues. I’ve not been able to work much but part time, and Rollyn has been very
understanding with that and has been able to work with me.

Clara Castillo, Agent:
Rollyn is a broker that is always available to answer any questions that might arise with any
transaction, whether it is residential or commercial. What I really appreciate is that if she doesn’t
have an answer she always tells you, but at the same time always says “I don’t know but I will find
out and get back to you with the correct answer!”

Alexa Leiva, Agent:
I chose RCR Properties because it is a place where we all feel like family, we have a great broker that is available 24 hours a day that would help you, teach you and guide you, that has years of experience and professionalism. We also have a great mentor that is a great teacher and also would always support you. I really appreciate the opportunity my broker gave me to join her brokerage. :)